Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s get into it! This year, I got a lot of requests for gift ideas from a non-golfer to a golfer. Lucky for you guys, not only am I a golfer, I am also a basic b who loves giving and receiving gifts- so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your S.O. I’ve got you covered! There are a lot of golf specific/ not golf options in this list, organized by price. I’ve also included any discount codes they have given me, or that I’ve found/used on my own. I don’t get a commission from any of the purchases on this page, these are just brands that I love 🙂


Palm Golf Co. (LINK TO SHOP) | $25-$40

In my opinion, Palm Golf Co. is the perfect combination of quality and style. Being from California, I’ve always felt that golf needed more of the cool, sassy vibes- and Palm definitely provides those while still offering a high end product. They are having a huge holiday sale through 11/29 and they have promotions frequently!

Birdicorn (LINK TO SHOP) | $25.00 $18.00 on sale!

It’s not a regular divot tool, it’s a cool divot tool. This gift is perfect for either your girlfriend’s fratty little bro, or your father in law that loves a cigar on the course. The Birdicorn divot tool has 6 features in one sleek design, and now comes in a high end-feeling heavy edition. I always have one of these in my golf bag, and you can attach it easily to your keys as well since it has a convenient bottle opener function to let you crack open a cold one after the round. 

Bridgestone Golf Balls (LINK TO SITE) | $47.99

You guys probably know that I love Bridgestone balls, and I’ve been playing them for years. Bridgestone has over 300 quality check points that each individual ball goes through before being packaged up and delivered to you. For some reason, I’ve noticed that Bridgestone balls seem to cut through the wind more than any other ball I’ve tried- but not quite sure why that is. Either way, it’s a great option for someone who wants to nip it around the greens and stay long off the tee!

Short Game Gains (LINK TO SHOP) |  $39.99 10% off with code GAINGAING

Short Game Gains is my company, with Fredrik! We went viral in January of this year for our Precision Putting Laser, a laser that attaches to your putter and shows you exactly where you are aimed. Along with that product, there are tons of other individual aids on the site that will help golfers practice more effectively and enjoy practice, so they can actually get better.

Matchstick Golf (LINK TO SHOP) | $20.00 each

I found Matchstick Golf on Instagram recently and I knew I had to have their markers. My favorites are the burger, Tiger, and the cash stack. These are kind of a no brainer for the golfer in your life that has some sass around the greens! Just so you know, they are not magnetic, but they are a good size so you won’t have to worry about finding them in your pocket.

Lie and Loft (LINK TO SHOP) | Starting at $29.99

Lie and Loft make gorgeous prints, leather goods, ball markers, coasters, candles, pennants, and soaps all designed to a golfer’s tastes. I am OBsessed with the Course Maps that they design and sell, and can’t wait to add a few more of them to my living room wall. I originally came across the brand on Instagram and have always been so impressed with the way they create golf art that isn’t remotely tacky, like the golf art you see so often in man caves and your grandpa’s spare room.

Tour Tees (LINK TO SHOP) | $35.80 for 4 packs

I tried these tees originally with my friend Kyle at Pebble Beach last year, and I was very skeptical about the claims that this tee adds distance to your drives, obviously. If there was a reason to change tees, wouldn’t we have done it by now? Well, I was wrong. I ended up playing the entire round at Pebble with the Tour Tee and absolutely loved it. It won’t break, and the science behind the added distance explains that the small bumps around the edge of the tee head actually work to reduce friction and in turn reduce spin, allowing your ball to fly higher and roll out longer. The only reason I no longer have that original tee is that on hole 18 at Pebble, I smoked my drive over the water and onto the fairway- but my tee took a dive over the edge of the cliff and now lives in the pacific ocean :(.

I RANGE Pro Tripod Lite (LINK TO SHOP) | $49.99

Everyone takes swing videos at the range, but if you’re there alone, it can be awkward to ask someone to do it for you. Then what are you supposed to do, leave the range without proof? Vids or it didn’t happen. This is a golf tripod that fits in your bag and unfolds to perfectly hold your phone for swing videos. I personally use a tripod, but I can attest to the fact that those are bulky, annoying to set up, and pretty noticeable on the range. If you know a range rat, this is a great gift for them!

Mizuno Golf Hoodie (LINK TO SHOP) | $40.00 

When Fred posted wearing this hoodie, Mizuno sold out of them in multiple colors. Mizuno has tons of cool hoodies, but I prefer this one because it doesn’t have strings hanging down. I believe this one was originally designed for baseball, but no one in your group needs to know that!

Lululemon Crossbody/Belt Bag (LINK TO SHOP) | $38.00

This is not exactly a golf exclusive gift- but when I tell you that having a cross body has changed my life on and off the course, it’s not an exaggeration. You can keep everything you need in this bag AND be handsfree. It’s perfect for holding your phone, keys, wallet, cards, hand sani, sunglasses, etc. and then it easily fits in the side pocket of most golf bags. No more leaving your wallet in the cart or having it in your pocket the whole round, and it looks good on anyone. You won’t catch me without mine!

UNDER $100

Mizuno Duffle Bag (LINK TO SHOP) | $65.00

If there’s one thing that golfers love, it’s leaving hints all over their body for other golfers to know that they love chasing a white ball around. Every time I wear a Mizuno hat or backpack to the airport, someone asks me if I play golf, and then obviously the next question is: “Do you use Mizuno irons?” and now you’ve acquired a new friend! This duffle is super spacious for it’s compact design, and comes in a variety of sick colors and patterns.

HyperICE Hypersphere (LINK TO SHOP) | $99.00 $79.99

If you know a golfer who travels or also loves the gym, there is no better gift than a massage gun or massage foam roller. Those can get pretty pricey, so the hypersphere mini is a great blend of strength and affordability. This massage ball is TSA approved, weighs less than a pound, and has a battery life of 2 hours with a 40w motor. I have the full size hypersphere, and I don’t go to a tournament without it. Your feet and lower back will thank you!

Macade Apparel (LINK TO SHOP) | $55-85.00

Macade makes some of the coolest apparel in golf, hands down. I love their gear, and they have edgy stuff for men as well. It’s a swedish brand with very reasonable prices and some of the coolest sweaters, shirts, and especially joggers.

Steel Bartender Kit (LINK TO SHOP) | $72.99

Golfers and drinking go pretty much hand in hand for most people. Drinking on the course is one thing, but in my experience it’s hard to come by a golfer that doesn’t also enjoy a cocktail at home once in a while. If you have a friend or family member that enjoys mixing and serving drinks, this 10 piece bar set seems like a great place to start!

Cigar Club Subscription (LINK TO SHOP) | $78.99/ 3 month subscription

My dad loves cigars, and he really only smokes them when he’s on the golf course. I noticed he is pretty adventurous with his selection of cigars, so I had the idea to get him a monthly subscription of cigars delivered to his door. This particular subscription asks you to answer a few questions about your taste preferences, then packages come monthly with tasting notes, different selections of premium cigars, cigar cutters, and access to member-only limited edition cigars.

UNDER $200

Bushnell Wingman Course GPS and Bluetooth Speaker (LINK TO SHOP) | $129.99 (HG10 gets you 10% OFF not including sale items)

The Bushnell wingman is one of those gifts that you really can’t go wrong with. It pairs a high quality bluetooth speaker with a GPS distance device, so you can vibe out on the golf course and hear exactly how far you need to hit it. It has 10 hours of rechargeable battery life, and connects to your phone so you can see the course layout if you want more detail. It also has a strong BITE magnet on the side that keeps it locked onto your cart, even if you need to go… off-roading. 

BLAST Motion Golf Sensor (LINK TO SHOP) | $149.99

The Blast Golf sensor is a highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture system that records your actions and then uses bluetooth to connect to your iPhone or iPad. There’s no need to alter your natural swing and there are no power buttons, cords or controls to get in your way. The Blast Golf Swing & StrokeAnalyzer knows when to dynamically power-up for capturing metrics in real-time. It even stores data on the Swing & Stroke Analyzer when your mobile device is out of range and downloads your actions to the Blast app as soon as you reconnect! This is a great gift for the golf nerd in your life.

GolfTec Swing Eval or Club Fitting (LINK TO SHOP) | $125 for 90 min

There’s no better gift than lower scores and an improved golf swing! If a loved one needs club fittings, lessons or has just decided to give golf a try, GOLFTEC is a perfect place to start. I took my dad to get a woods fitting for his birthday, and he came out of the 90 minute session with all of the info on his yardages, swing numbers, and exactly what type of clubs were going to work best for him. This one is a great gift for such  a wide variety of handicaps that you really can’t go wrong.

Mizuno T22 Wedge (LINK TO SHOP) | $159.99

It should be pretty clear what I think of these wedges, since I put them in my bag the minute I could get my hands on them. I have also had the T 20 wedges, which are awesome, and these ones are a step up. Mizuno makes exceptional wedges, and these are no different. One piece, grain flow forged, with copper underlay for unbelievably soft feel and 4 different grinds to choose from. I am personally partial to the denim copper overlay, as it is a new finish that looks absolutely stunning in the bag, but you can choose from denim copper, chrome, or raw finishes.

WHOOP Fitness Band (LINK TO SHOP) | $180.00/ 6 month membership

You may have seen this on the wrist of Symetra Tour players, Korn Ferry players, tons of PGA Tour players (Rory wears one on his upper arm) and most importantly, Nelly Korda. This is a super insightful gift that tracks calories burned, heart rate, sleep, sleep quality, and most famously, recovery. I have had this bracelet for 2 years and loved the way I can track changes to my body and how it is performing. This is not exclusive to fitness obsessed gym bros, and I would argue it can be even more helpful for someone who isn’t predisposed to the Fit Lyfe.

Ultimate Short Game Toolkit (LINK TO SHOP) | $179.99 $119.99 (free bridgestone balls and other gifts with order!)

Yes, it’s another Short Game Gains setup. I can’t leave this one out, because it’s so unique in the golf market to find a kit of everything you need for under $200! I remember my first time purchasing a putting mirror in college, and I was stunned to find out that ONE putting mirror was going to set me back almost $80! Imagine my sadness when it bent in my golf bag a few weeks later 😦
This kit has 7 Tour Grade practice aids that are all designed and proven to get your short game better, while making practice a lot more fun. Spotted in the bag of Viktor Hovland, and ordered by many other PGA and LPGA Tour pros, this kit is a one-stop-shop for the practice aids you need to see fast improvement in your game. 

Airpods Gen 3 (LINK TO SHOP) | $179.99

I can’t live without my airpods. They make listening to music on the range or in the gym so much easier, and since they connect to your phone and have a noise canceling microphone, you can take and make calls through them as well. My favorite feature is that you can tap on one ear to skip a song and tap on the other to pause, so you can leave your phone elsewhere and still have control of your music while practicing. I don’t have a discount for these, but Apple is offering free engraving for the holidays.


GOATLANE Golf Shoes (LINK TO SHOP) | $200

I wear these shoes myself, and I can personally attest to the comfort and convenience of not having to wear full on spikes and still get the grip you need. These are a much higher quality spikeless shoe than I have tested in the past, made of high quality Italian leather and designed + built in Europe. For a trendy look I love the suede (I have them in the color BUNKER) and the all white are a clean, classic look. They come in both mens and womens sizes as well!

PuttView Putting Green  (LINK TO SHOP) | starting at $9,980

This gift is reserved for the people you really, really love- or maybe you’re thinking about buying one for yourself this holiday season! The Putt View indoor Putting Green is an epic piece of technology that brings your club practice green right into your home. It has a projector above that displays games, lines, practice drills, and competitions onto the green with the click of a button. With multiple sizes, packages, and green types available, the Putt View is an awesome way to solve the struggles of rainy season practice, and actually improve your game.

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