About Hannah

I picked up golf early on, but just as a hobby every few months with my dad. As I grew up, I was encouraged to try as many sports as possible, and spent the years from age 5 and on playing basketball, running track, riding horses, and taking ballet. The two that stuck though, were golf and riding.

After riding horses for several years and enjoying it immensely, the high potential for injury pushed me in another direction. I decided that I could play golf and potentially get a scholarship out of it, which my ability to attend a 4 year University directly relied on.


I started to improve quickly through high school golf, and eventually accepted a scholarship to Sonoma State University. After 2 years of traveling with the team, a few top 10’s and several under par tournament finishes, I accepted a transfer scholarship to play DI golf at The University of Nevada, Reno. I played 2 years there and had one red-shirt year before graduating in 2018.

After graduating, I took time to start my own business to fund the professional golf career I knew I wanted to pursue. I launched a business with my sister and partner, called Cozy Co. Social. You can check that out here. After launching my business and raising enough money to start a fledgling golf career, I started playing full time on the WAPT for the 2019 season.


I am now continuing to work hard, and played well enough to receive Symetra Tour status for the 2020 season. I hope to raise enough money to play a significant schedule on the Symetra in 2020, and make my way to the LPGA in the coming seasons. I appreciate your support and following my journey!